I am a wife and mother to 4 incredible and adventurous children.  My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have been together for a total of 13!  He is my best friend and we have built a beautiful life full of love and adventure together.  We love to travel with and without the kids, watch movies, binge watch trash TV and just hang with our families.  We are so blessed to have this life.

Ava is our oldest, she is the most intelligent, free spirited and talented girl I know.  She is an all-star cheerleader at Stars Vipers and has the most dedication for her sport.  When she started at age 5, I didn’t realize this would turn into a passion that drives her.  Our middle son is Ezra, he is a wild child, full of loving moments to share.  He hugs everyone he meets and has the stickiest memory.  He loves learning and drawing and has one of the most brilliant minds..  Our other middle child is Luca and he our wild child.  His birth was my most challenging and taught me so much about birth in general that I often use his birth to discuss mind barriers with my mamas.  He is so free spirited, funny, loving and silly.  Our last baby is Noa, he was just born and has been the most angelic baby ever.  He sleeps and eats well and has the sweetest little face you could ever lay your eyes on.  He is currently attending births with me and I just love him so much.


I began photography while I was training to be a doula, but after documenting my first birth I stopped training and decided to pursue this as much as I can. It opened up a part of me I didn’t know was there, ignited a fire that will never dim down.

My passion is to tell your story, no matter what it is, where it begins, or where it ends. I love to focus on the fleeting moments and raw emotions you share. I am not here pose you and yell “everyone say cheese” – if that is what you are looking for I will be honest and say that we may not be the best fit. I seek those authentic and intimate moments that make you and your family, who you are.

So, let’s take off our shoes and go on an adventure together.