When you hire me to capture the birth of your little one(s) you are hiring someone who is passionate about telling birth stories in the most un-invasive, professional and beautiful way.  My style and storytelling is unique and incomparable.

I have had the honor of documenting births at home, in hospital, via cesarean and at birth centers.  I am familiar with the various types of birth and pride myself on being able to capture the most special moments.  Once I go on call for you (37 weeks gestation), you and your family are my number one priority. I am ready to head to you and your birthing space in a moments notice and will stay up to two hours postpartum, documenting the labor, birth and sweet postpartum moments after.

A $500 non-refundable retainer is required to secure your due date, I offer various payment plans to fit your needs.


What is birth photography?

Birth photography is the documentation of the raw emotions that are present as you bring your new little one(s) earth side, whether its at a hospital, at home, via cesarean or in a birth center. I am there to capture all of those fleeting moments that are present as you go through the most special, life changing event.

When do you arrive to my birth and when do you leave?

I like to arrive once active labor has started - every mom and every birth is different though. Many times I have gotten to know a mom so well my intuition kicks in and i hangout in the area until i am formally asked to arrive. I usually stay about 2 hours after the baby is born, this helps ensure i am not only documenting the newborn exam but the moments you are meeting your baby, breastfeeding them, examining them, loving on them etc..

When should I book?

I recommend you book me as soon as you have decided I am the right photographer for you. I have limited availability through the months and many months fill up fast!

What if my labor takes a long time?

That is absolutely no problem, its totally part of the job! i would much rather be present then be missing. Often times, when a birth runs on the longer end i will exit the room to give you space to labor in peace.

What if my planned vaginal birth ends in a cesarean?

often times its a hit or miss on whether or not the hospital will allow me into the or to document your cesarean. thankfully i have had luck with being able to be in there. if there is no such luck and dad is comfortable with it, i have no problem handing him my camera so he can take photos!

my cesarean is a planned cesarean, is it ok to still hire you?

absolutely! i would love to be there to document your belly birth, we just have a little work to do. we want to run this through your ob, many times they advocate for birth photographers if they know how special these moments are to you.

What will you post on the internet?

i will only post what you give me permission to share - being able to keep your sacred space yours and your trust is so important to me. many of my families allow me to share all of the raw, gritty details of their birth and i love it, many of my families also wish for me not to share any images of their birth and i have no problem with that! these are extremely special moments that are your moments and your trust is my number one priority.

will we meet before the birth?

often times my birth mamas also book a maternity session in their package and we get to meet and get to know each other during that session. sometimes that is not the case, so i do make an attempt to meet you or at least talk on the phone with you before the big day. whichever you are most comfortable with is perfect for me, i am totally flexible!

what if you miss my birth?

i wish there was a way to predict how long a birth would take, and when it would take place - but that isn’t the case (would be crazy huh?!). I make every attempt to be there before your baby is born, but sometimes babies have their own plans and like to come in a matter of moments. i will still arrive and document you meeting your baby.

how do payments work/do you offer payment plans?

i do offer payment plans, this way your balance is split up over time instead of due in one big chunk. birth photography is a luxury, and it can be expensive as you and your family take priority over mine, so when we are able to divy up the payments over the course of your pregnancy it makes things a lot more MANAGEABLE for you! i do require a retainer of $500 with the balance due at 37 weeks gestation.

are there times when you could possibly not make my birth?

i am 100% open with the families i work with and my schedule. i am usually open and announce travel as soon as i know it will happen (usually months in advance, when there are no births booked). My daughter does competitive cheerleading which sometimes results in travel on our behalf and as soon as i know that we will be traveling (usually within texas) i inform the families it could affect. from there the family knows i have multiple back-ups to take my place if they need, however, if they wish to proceed with a different birth photographer i totally understand and will return their retainer or apply it to a different type of session. now, if something happens where i am sick or at another birth i will send my backup - this is something we will discuss as part of our conversation, but life happens and that is out of our control!