The Birth of Bellamy Brett | San Antonio Birth Photographer

There is just something so sweet about a sibling being able to join moms side at a birth. I entered into Conners birth space as she was laboring peacefully with her husband, Peter by her side. He was there every step of the way to ensure that she was taking each contraction one by one; applying counter pressure and comforting her along the way. She moved from the ball, to the tub, to the bed and back to the tub, listening to her body each step of the way. As her surges got more intense she began to bear down and soon after, Bellamy was born. Peter picked him up out of the water and sweetly placed him on her chest as they began to get to know each other from the outside. Once Conner was ready to get out of the tub, Peter did skin to skin with Bellamy as his big sister met, held and loved on him.

It was such a sweet and incredible birth to witness and document and I am so thankful for the trust each family puts into me to be there for them.


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