The Birth of Lyric Bell – A 2VBAC at home | San Antonio Birth Photographer

Kenzie reached out to me towards the beginning of her pregnancy, when my youngest was just a few weeks old. We chatted on an off about her birth story frequently and I was so excited to be there to document this special time for her. Her first was born via cesarean and her second was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Sweet Lyric was her first home birth after her cesarean and it was incredible, filled with love, family and Christmas spirit. Kenzie’s water had broken earlier in the day on December 19th, so we all knew Lyric would be joining us Earth Side very soon! Through the day we checked in and kept in contact so that when it was go time I would be ready to head over. Around 730ish I arrived to a warm house with lots of support and love. Kenzie was about 7cm progressed at this time, which was perfect, her body was putting in work. She pumped to get contractions to really get started and after a while her and her husband went upstairs to rest while the birth team rested downstairs. Kenzie came back down when the contractions started to get more serious and she labored downstairs until it was time for her to get in the tub. Mark was there every step of the way loving her, applying counter pressure and letting her know she could do it. I always say birth is a love story, and the love here is so apparent. Kenzie entered the birth pool and it was clear that Lyric was on her way when transition hit. Kenzie would move around in the tub trying to get into her best position while making loud groans and noises each time a contraction hit. She settled in a position leaning back into Marks arms while bringing Lyric down. Her mom woke up and ran down the stairs to be by her daughters side. As her mom came to her side Lyric’s head became apparent and Kenzie pushed to bring her head out. Once her head was out a sweet smile came across Kenzies face ands he let her body do the rest of the work. Fetal ejection reflex took over and Lyric was born and placed immediately on Kenzie at 4am on December 20th. Kenzie moved to her bed and got to know Lyric for her golden hour before her newborn exam was complete. This family opted to have a cord burning ceremony that involved Mark and Lyrics two grandma’s. Once the cord was done, Mark cut the cord closer to Lyric and they placed a sweet crochet cord clamp on her. As always its such an honor and miracle to be here to document and witness these incredible moments and such an honor to have families allow me to share these moments!

Midwife – Nikki McIver-Brown – San Antonio Nurse Midwife –

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