The Birth of Violet Lenore | San Antonio Birth Photographer

Jesse contacted me ready to tell her story, a triumphant story of a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Her story starts with their oldest daughter, whom she birth via cesarean – knowing that she could have a natural birth she opted for a birth center birth at the incredible San Antonio Birth Center.

She labored fiercely as she brought sweet Violet into this world, changing up her positions from the tub, to the bed and ultimately birthing in a squat position on the birth stool. It was incredible to witness as she pushed her out with all of her might, learning along the way, what her body was capable of. She felt her crown as and sweet Violet faced me perfectly as she came Earth Side. She was immediately placed on Jesse’s chest as her mom and husband had tears streaming down their faces. She was moved to the bed and got to meet her sweet girl, who she waited for.

It was so incredible to witness this power, women are so incredible.

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