The Birth of Amelia Joy | San Antonio Birth Photographer

I got contacted by Michelle last minute to document her third and final little one. I was so excited to be there for this family knowing she was going to work with one of my favorite midwives in the area and it was a surprise gender! She already has two boys and I know they were hoping for a girl this time around.

I lived super close to Michelle, so when she was in labor I knew I could be there in a matter of minutes. When I did get asked to head on over I tried not to be TOO fast (I was so excited). I arrived to Michelle laboring gently with her sweet husband by her side and Nikki and Monica waiting outside their bedroom so she could labor in peace.

Every time they went to check on mama I would enter and snap some new laboring photos of them, this way there wasn’t too much in and out.

I think we all drifted off for a few minutes before we heard grunting noises and louder moans – all three of us rushed into the room to see Michelle laboring on the toilet – she had wanted to get into the shower and as she started to get up her little one started to crown.

Nikki got the water to the shower on, Michelle and her husband stepped in and she did a deep squat as her little one crowned. This all happened in what seemed like a matter of seconds, it was incredible! Nikki had the most amazing grip on baby as she descended out of mom and brought her up to her chest. They moved to the bed and Michelle finally got to find out the littlest was a girl! The woke up big brothers to come and meet their new sister and spend time with her before they went on to school.

It was so amazing to be there and witness this kind of power in its truest form!

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