The Birth of Ylde Bryant | San Antonio Birth Photographer

In 2016 I had the honor of not only documenting the birth of Evelyn, but I also had the honor of creating a friendship with Nathalie that I will treasure forever.

When she told me she was expecting another little on in October of 2017 I was thrilled, elated, emotional, exited … I was everything you could imagine.  We sat at Kona together with tears in our eyes, celebrating her soon to be little one.

I knew, that if this birth was anything like Evelyns, it would be beautiful and amazing.

She had an insane amount of prodromal labor that seemed like it would never end.  She kept in constant contact with me, updating me when thing would start or stop.

On October 19th (Matty and my 5th wedding anniversary) Amanda (midwife) called me frantically letting me know Nathalie was sick and she was heading to check on her.  She was worried things might end up in a transfer and let me know she would keep me posted.  Shortly after that I got a call from Galyn telling me I needed to head over ASAP because Nathalie was an 8.  I freaked out, we left our lunch and I rushed over to her house.

I got a text from Galyn.  It was a picture of Nathalie holding a new baby.  I began crying.  Yes, I missed my first birth.  No, nobody could have predicted things would happen this fast.  The thought was that Nathalie was sick, in early labor and would need additional medical care – but she didn’t she was on the brink of birthing her baby.  (It was so unpredicted everyone was in fancy clothes)

While I missed it, I was still able to be there to document the first moments of a new family and it was magical.

Ylde carries a special name to the family, and as always, I am honored that I was the one there to capture these memories for them.

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