The Birth of Gianna Faith | San Antonio Birth Photographer

Debbie graciously invited me into her birth space pretty close to her due date.  It wasn’t long after we met that labor with her 7th little one began.

Debbie was hoping to get a 2VBA3C (second vaginal birth after 3 cesareans) and she sure rocked it.

I came into her home late that evening and her room was filled with supporting women.  The baby was in an ‘odd’ position so Galyn tried to wriggle her (at the time it was a surprise) into a better position.  She rocked, was on her hands and knees, got in her tub and then got into the birth pool where she finally got comfortable.

While waiting for labor to pick up, Amanda and I took a small nap and awoke to a large pop noise and some laughter.  Debbie’s water broke as Galyn was checking her and it exploded.

Debbie quickly got back into her pool and with the support of her husband and midwife successfully brought her 7th baby into this world, accomplishing another VBAC.

The family was surprised and excited that another beautiful girl joined their world.  She was so beautiful, tiny, delicate and covered in vernix.

As always, it was an honor and privilege to be the one documenting this special time for this beautiful family!

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