The Birth of David Edward III | San Antonio Birth Photographer

I don’t think there are words to describe the strength and determination that Gracie possess.

Gracie, her mom and I met through Gracie’s midwife, Alisa when I was looking for a mama that was due on September 10th.  We immediately clicked and I was so excited to be documenting the soon-to-be birth of this sweet little one.  The months and weeks leading up to his birth Gracie and I kept in constant contact.  We didn’t get a chance to meet beforehand because they live out of town, but I felt like her and I would instantly get along, which we did.

On September 13th I had spent a majority of my afternoon/evening documenting the birth of another sweet little guy and was contacted about an hour before I left that birth by Gracie.  Gracie was letting me know she was thinking David’s arrival would be soon and I told her I was ready to go whenever he was!  I made sure to let her know to keep me posted and reminded her to call me if it was after 10.  She let me know that she would keep in touch as her body progressed and changed – Communication is KEY to a successful documentation of a birth story.

In the early hours of September 14th my phone rang as Gracie’s mom, Vonda, called me to let me know Gracie was in early labor and they would be heading into the birth center.  I was ecstatic and my ability to fall back asleep was diminished.  I could hear Gracie as she took on a contraction in the background and they loaded up the car for her departure to San Antonio Birth Center.  Vonda said she would call me to update me if they were staying, but Gracie had only been 1-2cm and about 70% effaced.  They went back home and asked their amazing doula, Trish, to head on over to help support Gracie as her body progressed.

Later on that day, when Gracie was unable to walk and talk through contractions, Trish advised they go ahead and inform Alisa and head back to the birth center.  They packed up the car and made the hour drive back to San Antonio where Gracie was checked and admitted to the birth center.

Vonda called me to let me know they would be admitting Gracie and I was already in the area, 10 minutes away, ready to go at any moment.  Shortly after that initial call, Vonda text me that Gracie was at an 8 and I should get over there.  I jumped in my car with excitement and headed towards SABC.  I walked into Gracie’s birth space and she was laboring in the water with her mom, David and Trish by her side.  Trish was reciting words of affirmation to Gracie as her mom sat by her in awe of her strength.  I could feel the love and emotion coming from Vonda as she was completely enamored by Gracie and all of the hard work she was doing and had been doing.  (Gracie started early labor around 5AM on the 13th)

At one point, Gracie was checked again and her midwife let her know she was 10cm.  Gracie asked how much longer it would be and Alisa told her it could be ten minutes or it could be an hour.  Apparently Gracie and Davy didn’t like that all that much, because in a short matter of moments Gracie started bearing down and baby David was born at 12:21 pm.  She leaned forward on all fours as Davy crowned and Jess (midwife) helped Gracie catch the little guy she had been waiting to meet.  Vonda set back and tears started rolling down her cheeks as she was in amazement of what Gracie just accomplished.

Baby Davy spent some time in mamas arms as we awaited the placenta to be born and for his cord to be cut.  Once he was ‘released’ he was handed to dad as Gracie was moved to the bed.  Dad loved on his new son while Gracie was being checked out, then he was handed to a proud and loving, new grandma! She kissed him and took him over to Gracie and he immediately latched on.  It was so amazing to see his sweet newborn instincts kick in.  Gracie tilted her head back and relished in the fact that not only was she now a mama, but she did exactly what she set out to do and had an amazing and strength filled water birth.

Baby Davy was born weighing 7lb 5oz and was 20″ long.

Midwifes/Birth Center : San Antonio Birth Center
Alisa, Jess and Naomi along with Trish who was doula.

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