The Birth of Aiden Josiah | San Antonio Birth Photographer

When Melissa inquired about birth photography she lived pretty far from San Antonio, but her and her husband had lived here before.  Late in her pregnancy Melissa traveled down to San Antonio to begin her and Matt’s new life here.  We met up at Starbucks, talked all things birth and bonded over sushi.

I was so excited for her birth because it was their first little one and we had so much in common, like our love for birth, babywearing and cloth diapering!

Aiden decided it was time for him to make his appearance the same night/morning my friend Krista gave birth.  I was a nervous wreck as Melissa’s husband reached out to me to let me know she was having contractions since I was still at the birth center with Krista.

Thankfully – There were no disruptions to either!

I called my uber to pick me up from Krista’s birth to take me home to rest before I needed to head out to Melissa’s birth when her husband had text me that she was 6-7 cm.  Melissa was progressing fast and I felt like it would be a great idea for me to be there just in case, so I changed my route and headed to St. Lukes hospital.

I entered the room to see Melissa laboring in the tub, moaning through each contraction.  Shortly after I arrived she moved to the toilet to help bring Aiden down some more and during some of the intensity of those contractions she asked for her water to be broken.

Once her water was broken her contractions seemed to get more and more intense, but at the same time, her progression slowed.  It was advised to her that she get an epidural to help her rest and her body rest and help move everything along.  She reluctantly agreed, but at the time it was best for the birth of her little guy.

Not too long after, baby Aiden’s heart rate started dropping and in order to bring him home safe and sound they whisked her and Matt back for an emergency cesarean.  I left to take a shower and get them food and went back when they were set up in a room.

When I got there Melissa was working on nursing Aiden, who was the tiniest, sweetest little guy you could ever meet.  Her and Matt beamed with love and joy and they admired their newest little love.

It may not have been the exact birth she planned, but he is here, healthy and perfect.  This family is so beautiful inside and out and I love following along Melissa’s cloth diapering and baby wearing journey <3

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