The Birth of Willow Kaya | San Antonio Birth Photographer

You know when you meet someone and you just fit together?  That was the feeling I got when I met Holly one morning at Whole Foods.  I had been sitting at some tables drinking some coffee and getting some work done until she arrived and when she arrived I immediately noticed.  In walks this tall, gorgeous, glowing, hippy and natural woman and I had heart eyes.  I crossed my fingers under the table that it was her and sure enough…it was!  We got to chat a little about her birth with Nico, her family and the birth she was planning for Willow and I was in love.  When we left I immediately texted Galyn [midwife] how excited I was to be able to capture the birth of Willow.

The evening Holly went into labor Galyn and I had been casually texting because our last birth together was just two days before (See The Birth of Oliver Styer).  She mentioned that Holly was in early labor and that it would be probably be soon.  I joked and said that I was scared to miss the birth and would go over to her house to hangout so we could carpool.  She said lets do it but I had to wait for Matty to get home and watch the kids.  Shortly after we made the plan for me to go over to her house to wait it out Galyn said I better head over because Holly wanted to get in the pool and things had started to speed up.

I bounced up from watching Smallville with the kids and begged Matty to hurry, which he did.  When he got home I left and headed out to Holly’s home.  It was a nice, long and dark drive out to Bulverde that involved coffee and singing 80’s songs at the top of my lungs.  I finally arrived and her husband, Colin, was outside and invited me in.  We went up to their bathroom where Holly was laboring in the tub, with small tealight candles, soft music and her doula, Tina, applying counter pressure.

I got a few shots of Holly as she was laboring and resting through contractions, but she labored so peacefully and hardly made a sound as each contraction hit.  When Holly began to feel like she needed to bear down she switched positions into a deep squat and beared down with each surge.  In between each surge Holly squeezed Colin’s had tight and they exclaimed their love for each other.  Holly put all of her might and strength into bringing Willow Earth Side and as Willow began to crown she leaned back, Colin reached down and brought her up to Holly’s chest.

It was magic.

Everyone was excited and in love.  Everyone mentioned how Willow had so much hair and they couldn’t believe it.  She laid there on her mamas chest and Holly got to take an Herbal Bath with sweet Willow.  Colin and Holly decided to wake up big brother Nico so he could meet his sister.  He walked in with sleepy eyes, stood at the end of the tub, walked around to the side of the tub and did a facepalm.  It was hilarious, but cute.  He was excited to see his new sister.

When Holly was ready to get in bed, Galyn moved Willow into Colin’s arms and him and Nico went to the room to inspect newly born Willow.  Holly moved to the bed while Nico gave Galyn and I lessons in animals and Willows newborn exam was being complete.  Once the exam was complete Willow was handed back to Holly and she began nursing.

Not too long later Galyn and I wrapped up the early morning (at this time it was after 3) and decided to go get some breakfast tacos.

Blom family – It was such an honor to not only capture the birth of Willow, but her newborn session and your visiting family <3

Midwife: Galyn Lacewell
Doula: Tina Castellanos

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