The Birth of Oliver Styer | San Antonio Birth Photographer

I had been waiting for this birth since November and as the time drew closer and closer I continued to get more and more excited.

June quickly approached and it seems like every minute I was checking my phone for the notice that Jessica was in labor, and the one time I was in a deep sleep I got a call from Galyn, the midwife, that Jessica was 7cm dilated.  She asked if I had got her text, but I hadn’t.  she notified me of the status and I flew out of bed.  i got ready, got the kids ready but mama wasn’t ready for anyone to arrive yet so I dropped the kids off at my moms and did random things to pass the time.  Eventually I got so anxious I picked up some tacos and coffee and headed over to Jennifer, Jessica’s mom’s house to wait outside.

I browed facebook, instagram, read a few articles and took a small nap before i was invited in.  The moment i got the notification I was at the door ready to go.  Jessica was in this deep labor land.  She didn’t move, she didn’t make a sound, she didn’t flinch or alter her body as the surges of contractions went through her.  she laid there, in the tub, focused on bringing Oliver into this world.  Her mom, Jessica and her sister Joanna by her side, supporting her in any way they could.

Jessica began to push and bear down a little while Jennifer supported her and then realized she needed some more rest.  Jessica laid in Jennifer’s arms as she rested and soon after she felt the urge to bear down.  Jennifer, not only being an amazing mother but an amazing midwife realized it was almost time and her and Joanna switched places so Jennifer could catch her grandson.  As Oliver began crowning Joanna moved next to Jennifer so they could catch him together.  They both brought Oliver up to Jessica’s chest and you could feel the empowerment, love and strength in the room.

It was so beautiful to see Jennifer love, kiss and continue to empower the amazing job Jessica did and the room was filled with tears.

Jessica got some rest in the tub and as Oliver’s cord stopped pulsing one of her brothers had the honor of cutting the cord.  Shortly after the cord was cut Oliver was handed to Joanna so Jessica could get out and get in bed for some rest.

Oliver is this beautiful, chunky and sweet baby boy who has grown love in so many hearts and I am so honored to have been there to capture his birth day.

Midwife: Galyn Lacewell, River City Midwifery
Midwife: Joani Koenig – Joyful Beginnings Birth Care

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