The Birth of Braxton Allen | San Antonio Birth Photographer

When Heather and I met we were immediate friends.  We bonded over our children, our likes, dislikes and our heavy love for the documentary “The Business of Being Born.”  We both had similar feelings about birth and how our second births would differ from our first.  We laughed about how we begged people to watch it and how it really inspired us to know our options.

It was a nice long wait for Braxton.  Heathers due date came, and went and the excitement continued to build over knowing that he would soon be here.

On April 23rd I received a text from Mac, Heathers husband, letting me know that Heather was having some contractions and they had a pattern but nothing really intense yet.  He let me know Heather was worried it was more prodromal labor so we shouldn’t get too excited yet, but I got excited anyways and triple checked my bag.

He checked in with me variously through the night and I went to bed nervous I would miss it.  I kept waking up to check my phone, I was having nightmares of missing the birth because she was a second time mom and I was worried that they forgot because things happened so fast.

Around 3AM Mac called me to let me know they were headed to the birth center.  I was curious as to where Heathers progression was and he said things were heating up but still nothing too crazy.  I asked if he wanted them to get checked in first then to let me know an update and he let me know her water broke and I said, “Scratch that I’ll meet y’all there.”  I arrived before them and waited for them to enter before I entered.

The midwives were getting Heather settled and everything prepared so I waited outside until they were done.  When they finally filled the tub and got her in I entered the room, this was maybe around 4AM.  At 4:27 AM Braxton Allen made his way into this world.  You couldn’t even tell Heather was that deep in labor, she practiced her moaning and grunting to help her through labor and Mac was there to comfort and love her through her journey.

When Braxton was born both parents were filled with joy and tears streamed down both of their faces.  It is always so beautiful to see parents reactions to meeting their new little one.  They quickly called Mac’s mom so she could bring Brynnley over (and some whataburger).

When Brynnley met her brother for the first time she beamed with love and her eyes lit up.  She sat on the bed with her mama and got to hold him.  She kept talking about how cute he was and how much she loved him already.

It was so amazing to see Heather live her dream of a natural water birth.  She labored and Birthed in the most amazing way, tuning into her body and following the cues that nature intended.

Place of Birth : Birth Center Stone Oak
Midwife: Rebecca Rasche, LM, CPM
Midwife: Robin Rabenschlag, LM, CPM

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