The Birth of Elwood (Woody) | San Antonio Birth Photographer

I was so excited when Deana reached out to me to inquire about birth photography that I responded to her immediately.  We set up our meeting to get to know each other shortly after her inquiry and when we met it was like old friends getting back together.  Her, Jordan (her husband) and I got to know each other, we laughed, we cried and we bonded.  Knowing these two amazing parents has been a blessing and I love them dearly.

When Deana was in early labor she had texted me she thought she was having contractions but wasn’t sure.  Later on that day she texted me and exclaimed that her water broke.  This was on Tuesday, March 7th.  We kept in contact through the rest of the day for her progression to pick up, but nothing yet.  March 8th went by at the birth center with not much more progression, if any.  Late March 8th I got notification that Deana was headed into the hospital for an induction because there was no progression happening, she was tired and her body was tired.  I told them I would stay on stand-by but at this point my nerves and anxiety were at an all time high.  I thought I would miss the birth during the middle of the night, but thankfully I didn’t.  I did, however, get called to another birth during this time and was home in the early morning still on pins and needles waiting for the call from Jordan or Deana

I woke up two hours later, went to work, texted Deana and Jordan and got news that there would be a cesarean performed and no photographer allowed in.  At that point, Deana was exhausted, Jordan was exhausted, her want for pictures of this time diminished and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  I tried to keep in contact with Jordan through the early morning, begging him to see if there was a way I could be let in to photograph Deana’s birth, knowing how healing it would be later, but there was no guarantee.  He mentioned Deana may no longer want photos and I was devastated, but persisted.

I was excited when Jordan texted me back with some hope on allowing me into the OR for Deana’s Cesarean and asked me to go ahead and head that way.  I arrived to the hospital room, and we waited patiently.  The nurse was adamant about not allowing me in, but when the anesthesiologist came in, Deana asked her and she said 100% yes.  The nurse still wasn’t hopeful, but as they were whisking Deana back she tossed me some scrubs and said I could go back, but that I really needed to be out of the way, which was 100% fine with me.

I waited in a room near the OR for Deana to be prepped and ready and when they let me in I was overcome with emotion.  It was so beautiful, emotional and intense.  It was the first cesarean I have ever witnessed and if anyone dare says its not birth, it is, without a doubt.  Woody was born into the world on Thursday March 9th.  He was lifted up into his mother and father sights and laid on Deana through the clear drape to be cleaned up.  Once Woody was cleaned up a little Jordan got to cut his cord and meet his son.  A single, solitude tear rolled down Jordans face as he held and met the son him and Deana so anxiously waited for.  When I tell you tears were streaming down my face, they were, and it was HARD to breathe in that mask I was wearing.  It was beautiful.  Jordan laid Woody down on Deana’s chest for some skin to skin and she finally met him.  She finally met the little miracle she had been dreaming about for so long.

I am still so honored to have been the one that was able to capture the pregnancy, birth and newborn session for this amazing family.  I love every single one of them and their kind hearts and cannot wait to continue to capture Woody as he continues to grow up.

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