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Waiting for Wyatt was quite the task.  This little guy was nice and cozy within his mama, and we had no idea when he would decide to make his entrance to this world.  Kristi’s due date came and went and we waited.  The Saturday before Kristi was 42 weeks she and her midwife attempted to induce labor with a natural tincture, but nothing yet.

On Sunday March 5th, when Kristi reached her 42nd week of pregnancy she made the courageous decision to have her water broken by her midwife.  She checked in with me and let me know what was going on.  (Ava, my oldest had a cheer competition in San Marcos that day)  I asked one of the cheer moms to pick Ava up and get her to the competition as I stayed on stand-by for Kristi.  I told my husband if I didn’t hear from Kristi by 12:30 we would drive to San Marcos, see her routine and play the rest by ear.  12:30 rolled around and nothing, so we got to see her compete and shortly after her performance (around 2:45) Kristi called me letting me know her contractions were starting but were 8-10 minutes apart and not too intense.  She decided to call her doula and would keep me posted.  Everyone was going to eat while they waited for awards and I contemplated the decision to leave or stay.  My intuition told me to leave, so we did, and I am SO glad we did.  The traffic back to San Antonio was heinous.  It took us what seemed forever to get home.  I dropped Matty and Ezra off at home and decided I was going to hang in Kristi’s area until she called.  I had just reached her area when she called and told me contractions had sped up to 4-5 minutes and were about a minute long so I went right over (approx 4:30).

When I got there, Kristi’s husband was filling up the birth pool, Kristi was on the birth ball and we were waiting for Erika to arrive.  Kristi powered through contractions with her doula assisting her and her mother by her side until Erika arrived.  Erika got set up and Kristi wanted to get into the pool but she needed to be checked first.  At abut 5:30 Kristi got checked and to her disappointment was a 4, which meant she couldn’t get into the tub yet.  (Everyone else rejoiced!)

Erika, Kristi’s mom, her mother in law her husband and I decided to clear the room while Kristi got some rest.  You know how the saying goes that the more people in the room the longer labor last?  Yeah, we took that into mind and went downstairs.  Kristi’s mom served us some food and coffee as we waited and Marley and Mason got home from playing at the park.  Her husband went to check on her, came down and said that Kristi was in transition.  Erika ran up to check on her and I grabbed my camera and ran shortly after her.

I walked in to Kristi entering the pool and a crowd of support around her.  She allowed each contraction to come and with each contraction started to bear down.  Wyatt was coming.  One contraction came she went from an 8-9.  The next, Wyatt began crowning and then with the next contraction his head was out.  Stephen, had been reaching down to catch Wyatt and as he made his entrance Stephen caught Wyatt and brought him up to Kristi’s chest.  Her face said it all.  She did it, she had the home birth she dreamed of and he was finally here.

Everyone had their vitals checked, Stephen cut Wyatt’s cord and was handed his new son while Kristi got up to get cleaned off.  Stephen ran downstairs to show Wyatt off really quick and once Kristi was settled in bed she began nursing him.

Wyatt was born at 6:59:40 PM on Sunday March 5, 2017.  He weighed 9lbs 8oz and was 22 inches long.

Midwife: Erika Obert with Family Tree Midwifery
Midwife Assistant: Mackenzie Gold
Doula: Camille Pegues with San Antonio Birth Doulas

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