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Kristen and I met in the “San Antonio Crunchy Moms” group on Facebook.  When she contacted me we immediately clicked and set up a time so we could meet.  I was so excited to work with her because she was having a home birth and when we met (her, her husband and daughter) we instantly got along.

Kristen and I often joke that we were a match made in heaven.

The weeks leading up to her birth seemed like long weeks.  She was 37 weeks, then 40 weeks, then 42 weeks.  We chatted pretty much daily, finding new things we had in common (I am telling you, we have so many things in common).

Finally, one Friday night I got the text from Kristen that contracts had slowly begun and that things would probably get started soon.  I immediately told my husband and the three sessions I had lined up for the next day to be prepared and prepared my bag.  I let them know I was going to head to sleep around 10-ish just to be well rested and to call me if something else happened. I slept extremely lighly – so lightly that Pete texted me around 115 ish to head on over and I immediately woke up and left.

I live on the exact opposite side of town for Kristen, my drive was about 40 minutes and I arrived right at 2AM (thankful I didnt get a ticket).  You see, Kristen has a history of fast labors, so once the party really got started I was afraid I could potentially miss it.

I am pretty sure I arrived just after her midwife, April, arrived because things looked like they had just gotten started to be set up.  Kristen was laboring in the quietest of ways.  Breathing and powering through each contraction with grace.  A few minutes after I got there, the tub was ready and Kristen climbed on in.

She continued to power through contractions, joke around, laugh and relax.  I thought we would still have time (remember I got there around 2AM) when her mom arrived.  It seems like once her mom arrived it was time to push and out came little Layne.  I remember photographing that past picture of Kristen, Pete and her mom then Pete being on the opposite side of the tub ready to catch and I ran right after him.

It seriously all happened so fast. but I got every, amazing detail.

Once Layne was born the whole room rejoyced, I wiped my tears, Kristen sat back and reached to hold the little guy she had been waiting for for 42 + weeks.  Avery slept THE WHOLE TIME.

On October 22nd at 3:12 AM, Layne Peter was born.

It was a magical birth and experience.  Layne nursed like a champ and everyone is so in love.

Midwife: April Bland

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