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‘Mom’ and I met through her midwife, Galyn, when she became interested in having her birth story documented.   I was so excited to document her birth story because she was all around so amazing to know.  I remember meeting at target, chatting and getting to know her and thinking she is so intelligent, filled with an immense amount of natural beauty and strong.  She is so strong.

It was a Sunday, and we spend most Sundays with my husbands family in Cibolo which isn’t too far from where ‘mom’ gave birth in New Braunfels.  We had texted off and on that that day about her being in her early labor stages so I told my husband it would be wise to take my stuff and my own car to his parents in case I had to take off.

Good thing I did.

‘Mom’ texted me later that Sunday night that she was headed into the birth center and would hopefully be staying.  They asked me to head that way just in case, and I am glad I did.  They just arrived right before I got there, but I didn’t want to disrupt any peace so I went to get some snacks from a nearby gas station and asked them to let me know when I was good to come in.

It turns out, mom was nice and ‘progressed’ so I parked my car and began documenting her labor and birth story.

There are really no words to explain how amazing ‘mom’ labored and birthed.  She was stunning and strong (so strong) as we waited for E.W. to make his appearance.  I mean…if you look a few pictures down you will see her SMILING through a contraction.  WHO DOES THAT?

It was early the next morning (October 3rd) when it was time for E.W. to be brought earthside, ‘mom’ got on her hands and knees and ‘dad’ caught him.  ‘Dad’ helped bring E.W. earthside in moments that still bring tears to my eyes.  It was beautiful and so amazing.  The look on the new parents faces as they realized mom had done it was priceless.  They silently celebrated with gestures of love and mom almost immediately began her nursing journey.

Shortly after he was born, mom and E.W. hopped into a beautiful herbal bath and a calm rushed over the birth center.

Thank you guys for allowing to document your memorable and beautiful story.

Midwife: Galyn Lacewell with River City Midwifery
Midwife: Ashley King

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