Fresh 48 : Meeting Ozren | San Antonio Birth Photographer

Christina and I met in a local mom group when we got to talking about a Fresh 48 session for the birth of her newborn in October.

It was important to her to preserve the memory of the fleeting moments after her family grew by one more, so we planned her fresh 48 surrounding her induction date and the hours after Ozren made his way into the world.

I came about an hour after Ozren made his way into this world in early October and was able to capture, witness and feel the love a newborn brings into peoples lives.  I also got to capture his measurements, footprints and first weighing for his family.

Her whole family was excited to bring the new addition earthside and dad was so in love with his son.  His big brothers were also so captivated by how tiny and cute he was.

Delivery: Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills

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