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The birth of Aurilux started off the second half of my birth year.  I had a little break between my last birth and his birth so I was super pumped and excited when I met Andrew and Jeannette and we talked about their birth plans.

Jeannette was due on September 7th, which happened to be my son’s birthday, but I didn’t let that scare me away!  On top of that, I had a rather busy first half of September, we had a family vacation planned, mermaid photos in Galveston and Ezra’s birthday party but I was ready to get up and go at any time I needed for Jeannette.

On September 19th Andrew notified me that Jeannette had begun leaking some waters so I stayed on standby until things started heating up with labor.  It ended up being a LOOOONG Monday at work (yes, I still maintain a regular 40+ hour a week job).  I got off at 4:30 and was going to go to La Cantera to do some shopping and kill time while my husband took my daughter to cheer and went to the gym with my son.  I hopped onto the highway when I got a text from Andrew that they would be arriving at the birth center around 5:30 because the contractions were 3 to 5 minutes apart.  I let them know I could meet them there around that time because of the standard “active labor” rules.  Galyn, the midwife, had also texted me that it sounded like I should be on my way so that further reinforced me grabbing my tennis shoes from home and heading to New Braunfels.

It was my first time at that the Family Birth Center in New Braunfels and it was beautiful.  I arrived at the exact same time as Andrew and Jeannette and they began unpacking their car to get set up and situated in their birth space.

Jeannette labored fiercely.  She had an immense amount of strength within her through her whole labor journey and listened to her body when she needed rest.  It was my second longest birth, and i was there for 15 hours with some naps, and I believe her water started leaking around 10AM the day before.

Andrew, Jeannette’s husband, provided Jeannette with so much loving support through her entire labor.  The kind of support you love to see.  He never left her side.  He was her rock.  He stood by her, held her, kissed her, rubbed her and focused on her the whole time, without loosing focus.  I titled one of their images “Strength in Love” as you can see Jeannette and Andrews love strength as she powered through a contraction –

You can also see one of their images featured as number 1 in this Huffington Post article about love during labor.

Jeannette endured hours of labor.  Moving from bed, to stool, to tub, to standing, to walking, back to bed…over and over again until at 4:58 AM on Tuesday September 20th, Aurilux Kyeris made his way into the world.  He laid right on mamas chest and her and dad rejoiced with happiness.  Jeannette let out a sigh of relief and a cry of happiness as he laid on her chest for the first time and she began her breastfeeding journey not too long after that.

It was a pleasure to be able to witness such pure love and strength as Jeannette birthed Aurilux into this world.

A note from Mom + Dad : “Bringing Aurilux into this world is the hardest thing we’ve ever done, and our words can scarcely describe the experience.  But we did it together; we’re proud of our accomplishment; and we love him SO much.

If you are curious about what Aurilux Kyeris means here it is directly from dad, “Splendor of Dawn’s Ligh over Misty Rivers in a Lush Valley.”

Midwife: Galyn Lacewell
Midwife: Ashley King
Midwife: Amber

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