The Birth of Bennett Grey | San Antonio Birth Photography

The power and strength of a woman is unimaginable.

Amy spent her whole pregnancy nursing her oldest son, Liam, as she prepared to bring Bennett into the world.  Not only did she nurse him during her pregnancy, but she also partially nursed him during early labor AND she walked right into the hospital at 7cm.


Amy and I had been texting that evening and at first she wasn’t sure if I should come because it was so late (eleven-ish) but we decided that I should go ahead and come because there is no replaying a birth.

She had mentioned that things were slowing down and she thought it would be a long night, but based off of the births I had attended before, I told her it was the “calm before the storm.”  It sure was.

Amy’s birth was quick.  We spent time resting, eating snacks and just chatting up until she was ready to push — and seriously — it only took three pushes and Bennett was out!

He was SO tiny, precious, handsome and everyone was in love with him.  Once he got cleaned up he was handed right to mama where they began their breastfeeding journey.

Amy delivered at Saint Lukes in San Antonio, TX.

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