The Birth of Kellen | San Antonio Birth Photography

The birth of Kellen was one of the first few births I had the opportunity of attending and the first actual birth I had the opportunity to photograph.  I am so blessed to have been doula and birth photographer for this beautiful family.

Savannah went into labor the day I met her and Tim.  It was so exciting to be meeting them for lunch, and then later that night being notified that Savannah’s water broke.

I spent that night being anxious about our journey and if I would hear my phone ringing when they were ready for me to head to the hospital.

Early the next morning I got the call that they were ready for me to head over.  I arrived quickly (extremely excited for this birth) to Savannah resting for a bit.  After her rest we got up, moved around, bounced on her birth ball and started getting things to progress.

My main focus was being her doula – being there for her and her husband and making sure that her birth plan was remembered.

Labor was slow, but thats how first births usually go.  I wouldn’t have traded that time I spent for anything else in the world.

Lavender and beautiful music filled the room as Kellen was brought into this world so graciously by his wonderful and strong mama.  Every time I hear the song Kellen was born to, my eyes get teary and my heart gets full.

Photographing the birth is what initially sparked my Birth Photography interest and it ignited a fire I never knew I had.  Without Savannah, Tim and Kellen, I may not be here.

Kellen was born on December 2, 2015

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