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On June 1st, as I was just about to text Nathalie she text me that she was having early labor signs.  My heart immediately started beating with excitement and I let her know I had just been thinking about her.  She mentioned that a lot of people had been texting her that day so everyone must have had a hunch that things were going to get started.

Well, they did.

We kept in touch through the afternoon and into the night when her husband, Bryant, started texting me instead.  I immediately called my sister to come over, made some spaghetti for dinner (my favorite), gave my kids baths and made sure my bags were packed correctly.

Eventually, I got the text that Nathalie was no longer able to talk and walk during contractions so I let them know I would be on my way.

When I arrived, I arrived to a calm, serene and loving environment.  I introduced myself to her father, then her Doula, Susan and made my way to a room she was laboring in.  I greeted Bryant, congratulated him and looked over at Nathalie.  She was laying down, hypnobabies was playing in the background and some amazing music Susan put on was playing lightly.  I formally got to meet her Midwife, Galyn, Midwife Assistant, Amanda, and her mom, and immediately started taking pictures.

When I say Nathalie labored amazingly, like a champ, in the most inspiring way I had ever seen, I mean it.  She breathed through each contraction, recited her hypnobabies and labored peacefully and beautifully.  Her whole birth team, Bryant, Galyn, her mom, Susan, Amanda and her dad worked together in a harmonizing nature, bringing different strengths to Nathalie.

Nathalie and Brant were letting the birth of their little one be a surprise, so when Nathalie pushed Evelyn out, at 1:19 AM on June 2nd her immediate reaction (to the cord) was that it was a boy.  (In slow motion) Brant exclaimed it was a girl, Nathalie then looked at him saying “A GIRL?” and her mom started clapping, stood up exclaiming “YES!!’ (see below).  It was such an exciting and exhilarating moment and I hopped off the chair I was standing on, wiped the tears from my eyes I heard someone (Galyn?) say, “it takes a village.”

It sure does.

Nathalie got her HBA1C and it was beautiful.  Her son and some of her family came to meet Evelyn and thing started winding down.  I am so blessed to have been a part of Nathalie and Bryant’s journey and so blessed to have created such a great friendship with them.

(You can find a link to River City Midwifery below the images shown)

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