The Birth of Charlotte Jane | San Antonio Birth Photography

It was a rainy Thursday morning while I was on my way to work when I got the text from Diana that I needed to head to her home.  We had been chatting the night before about early labor signs so we knew it was close.  I was right at the gate to work, turned around and headed over.

When I got there, she was already 8cm and everyone felt like her labor and birth would move along fast.

They say birth is unpredictable.  It truly is.  Baby Charlotte had passed some meconium so Diana’s midwives found it in her and Charlottes best interest to transfer to the hospital, so thats exactly what we did.  We packed up our cars and headed towards the hospital.  A few hours after arrival, the OB thought it would be a good idea to do a quick ultrasound to see what was going on so they could really get the rest of labor going.  It turns out that Charlotte was breech and Diana needed an emergency C-Section.  Unfortunately, I was not allowed in the operating room, so the midwives and I grabbed some lunch and waited until Charlotte was born.

At 1:16 PM, on May 19th, Charlotte made her entrance Earth side.  She is beautiful and so tiny.  The spirit Diana and Nick kept, even though their birth didn’t go according to plan, was amazing.  In the words of Diana, “What my body is doing is amazing.”

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