Wardrobe/what to wear

Hi there!  
By now you have booked your session and we are starting to talk about wardrobe, and what to wear.  I offer a closet of dresses a lot of my moms like to use for our sessions, so if you are interested in using any of these dressed PLEASE let me know so I can bring it to our session.

I often say that you need to pick just one outfit [usually mom's] and build the rest of your families outfits off of that instead of trying to put together a whole matching pallet at once.

Below you will find some styling tips and tricks for our sessions, and as always please don't  hesitate to reach out to me if you have ANY questions, if you want help styling your family or if you want my opinion on outfits.  

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Tip 1: Choose a pallet - Pick a pallet of 3-4 colors that you would like to use [see above] and let this be your starting point.  Think of this in terms of tones; blue tones, earth tones, neutral etc.  I am a sucker for earth tones and neutral tones with a POP of color.  This allows everyone to express their sense of style within the color pallet.

Tip 2: Don't match, coordinate - Start with one person/outfit and pull colors from their outfit to dress and coordinate everyone else.  It is much easier to build off of one outfit than trying to pull pieces together randomly.

Tip 3: Stay Neutral - These are really great for those in-home, lifestyle sessions or when you genuinely don't know what to wear, basic clothes using white, variations of tan and grey work perfectly - as long as everyone is not wearing the same exact color.

Tip 4: Mix muted colors and neutrals - I really love to keep the focus on the emotion and connection between you and your family - this means no loud colors, no loud prints or words on clothing that may be distract.  Subdued colors, solids and muted prints help keep everything looking beautiful.  

Tip 5:  Shop at the same store - Coordinating outfits by using the same store or brand will help you not only knock out a shopping trip at once, but also keeps the pallet in line since many stores coordinate the color pallets for children, womens, mens etc. 

Tip 6: Highlight your best asset - Highlighting your best asset will keep you happy and confident in the clothing you selected.  Do not wear something you are uncomfortable in or makes you feel frumpy.

Tip 7: Be comfortable - My style of shooting is fun and adventurous. I like to see families engaging with each other, tickling, even running around together.  When you are dressed in clothing that may be on the more comfortable side it helps you loosen up.  AKA - No short skirts and high heels!  You will want to be sure to dress your children cute, but comfy.  If a child is wearing uncomfortable shoes or itchy outfits, plan to hear about it the whole session.

Tip 8: For girls -  Alice + Ames are AMAZING!! Click here to check them out.

Tip 9: Let your hair down - I love movement in photos, so let that hair down and lets pray for a little wind!

Tip 10: Accessorize - Cute 'hipster' hats, denim jackets, fun shoes, kimono's, simple yet awesome statement jewelry...accessorizing is a simple and easy way to make your wardrobe extra special.

Tip 11: Check out my Pinterest board - https://www.pinterest.com/vasdfvan/what-to-wear/ 

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