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Why should I hire a professional birth photographer?
The birth of your little one is such a pivotal life experience and should be remembered.  Hiring a birth photographer means you don't have to worry about your partner missing a big moment because he is behind the camera.  Hiring a birth photographer means your partner and your birth team can be focusing on you and your birth and they will also be in the images.  I will capture your partners support through the intensity of contractions, your mom's gentle touch and she looks at you with admiration, the first time you meet your little one and so many more memories.

Do we get to meet before I hire you?
Absolutely!  I offer complementary meetings prior to establishing a contract and having a deposit paid.  I feel like it is important that we establish a relationship so you don't feel like a stranger is in the room with you.  I actually become really great friends with the families I get to work with!  

When do you arrive to the birth?
My goal is to arrive when you are in active labor.  This ensures that my presence won’t distract you or prevent your labor from advancing.  If you aren’t sure if you are in active labor, your care provider will best gauge your progress.  Below are a few common signs that may hint at active labor - but remember; active labor looks different for each woman!

·      Contractions are 3-4 minutes apart, for one hour
·      Contractions are too intense to walk or talk though
·      Contractions are accompanied with rectal pressure
·      Dilated to 6 centimeters

How long do you stay?
I will stay up to two hours after the birth of your little one to capture those special first moments as a family together.

What about lighting?
Many women like to give birth in a dark environment.  My camera is equipped to handle low light situations.  Now, I do need some light to be able to capture these life changing moments and may make a few adjustments to the lighting if necessary.  Additionally, I use a flash.  I have not had anyone complain and most families don't even know it is there.  The flash will never be pointed directly at you or my subjects but will be bounced off of the ceiling or the wall.

When can I expect my images?
All of my birth packages include several sneak-peek images that I process and edit within the first 12-24 hours of birth.  These images are specifically sized for the web so that you can easily and beautifully announce the birth of your baby on social media.

The rest of your images will be edited within 2 weeks.  You will receive a link to your private and custom gallery where you will be able to view and download all of your images.  

What will you share on Social Media?
I will only share images that you are comfortable with me sharing.  Your gallery will include a ‘favorite’ option so you can view and approve images for me to share on Facebook, Instagram and my website.  Your privacy is important to me and if you choose not to allow me to share any images that is quite alright, these images are for your memory.

How much does it cost?
The cost of birth photography varies depending on the packages you are interested in.  I offer payment plans and various packages that will fit your financial needs.  Please contact me for specific pricing information!

What if I don't want the full birth package?
That is no problem! I do offer a first moments session, otherwise known as "Fresh 48."  These are done within the first 48 hours of your little ones birth in the setting that they were born in.  These capture First moments sessions start at $450 + tax.